Styling tips to modernise your Thornleigh home

When selling your Northern Districts home, it’s always worth putting time and effort into presentation. Do so and buyers will see right away what makes it worth putting on their shortlist, rather than having to ‘see past’ the faults.

One way to appeal to buyers is to add some inexpensive items that make your home look fresh and modern. By including these touches, you stand to increase your home’s appeal to buyers while also having a few nice things to take to your next home.

So what kinds of things can you add that will make your home look right up to date? Recently I caught up with Monika Tasonyi from MYPAD Property Styling to get some tips on some simple way to give your home up-to-the-minute appeal.

Add some greenery to appeal to buyers

Our love affair with indoor plants is growing, especially as they are said to improve our health by naturally cleaning our air. If you’re not a natural green thumb, there are some varieties which are very easy to look after.

  • Swiss cheese plant is the classic indoor house plant. It looks beautiful and grows to fit its space, creating a great focal point in a room.
  • Peace lily is another popular variety and is especially good for air purifying.
  • Mother-in-law’s tongue is a hardy succulent. This plant is great for those who aren’t experienced gardeners as its very hard to kill!
  • Maidenhair ferns are a little more high-maintenance but very pretty, with feathery delicate leaves. You can sit the pot on a saucer filled with stones and water to create the humid environment that they prefer.
  • A few potted herbs close to the kitchen or on your balcony will also look beautiful — just buy a few small pots from the fruit and vegetable section of a garden centre and pop them into terracotta pots.

Botanical prints are a key trend right now

Another way to add a modern look to your home is with some greenery in the form of artwork. Australiana is back in a big way — both out in the garden, where natives are increasingly being celebrated, and on our walls, where botanical prints are having a comeback.

The Store sells a beautiful range of botanical illustrations from the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney. Frame a couple for your living room to give a nostalgic, tranquil feel, and pack them up when you move! Better still, find some old ones and put them in contemporary frames for a modern look.

Make your bathroom a sanctuary

Current trends in homewares are definitely pointing towards the home as a place of retreat from the uncertainty of modern life. As such, bathrooms are not just places to scrub up, but also to relax and revive.

It’s easy to get this look in your bathroom by adding some soft, clean towels, a house plant (maidenhair fern is a good choice for bathrooms) and some attractive products such as pretty soaps, hand wash and shampoo (Aesop or other boutique products are very stylish right now).

Add texture and accent colour to your Northern Districts home

Luxurious textures and fresh colours create a welcoming atmosphere and a modern pop of colour.

For texture, think beautiful throw rugs and round velvet cushions to brighten up your couch or bed. An accent of colour is also very effective in making a room look ‘pulled together’.

Some popular colours include rich blues, greens and pinks, or paler shades of coral and pistachio. Mustard yellow is definitely having a moment right now and will look great in your marketing photography.

Talk to me

If you are thinking of putting your Thornleigh, Pennant Hills, Westleigh or Normanhurst home on the market, give me a call for a no-obligation chat. My priority is to give your home the best possible exposure and marketing, and part of this is ensuring it looks beautiful for potential buyers. From your photoshoot to your styling and open homes, I will make the process as painless as possible and give you the best possible result.


Karen Page
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