Easy ways to upgrade your home’s storage

Modern, functional storage not only helps keep your home organised and uncluttered, it also boosts your home’s appeal to buyers. One of the features buyers always appreciate when house hunting is a great use of space, and lots of storage.

For downsizers, the right storage can make a small space feel much bigger. So if you are moving in to a smaller home, look at how you use storage now and think about how you can make it work well with less space.

A good cabinetmaker will be able to create built-in furniture that fits your space perfectly. While this costs more, it will add value, especially if you use timber or a timeless white laminate.

Whether you’re thinking of selling or just upgrading your space, here are some tips for adding storage solutions that work well and look good.

In the kitchen

Adding some open timber shelves in an inexpensive way to improve your kitchen storage and display your favourite items.

If you are renovating, underbench drawers are the way to go. They are much easier to access and keep clean than traditional cupboards.

If the kitchen is where you tend to dump all your belongings when you get home, add a few wall hooks and a small shelf with a built-in drawer. This will keep keys, phones and bags in one place and ensure your dining table and workbenches stay clear.

In the laundry

If you are upgrading your laundry storage, consider a bank of full-height cabinets to hold your ironing board, broom and mop. Include smaller underbench or wall cupboards for cleaning products.

Baskets of different sizes are handy for organising cleaning products and holding laundry.

In the bathroom

The right vanity is key to a functional bathroom – either an off-the-shelf or custom-built one. Drawers are more efficient than cupboards, and mirrored wall cupboards are great for storing toiletries and other items. Be sure to include a shelf tall enough to hold cleaning products, too.

A ladder-style hanging rail is a better use of space than a long single rail and will free up wall space for a picture or mirror.

In the living room

Use your walls. Consider built-in shelving around doorways and along hallways to make use of circulation space. Maximise the use of space by using the entire wall, right to the ceiling.

Look for furniture that can double as storage, such as window seats with lids or a coffee table with drawers underneath. A large dining table might need to make way for a smaller one, or one that can extend.

Another trick that can make a room more functional is to wall-hang your television to free up floor space. Or even consider concealing it behind a sliding door when you’re not using it.

In the bedroom

Opt for built-in storage or something that you can customise to fit your space. Storage with open shelves can be further organised with smaller boxes or lidded baskets that will look good and keep your belongings separate.

Store out-of-season or infrequently worn garments under your bed in zippered bags, in a decorative chest or blanket box, or in high cupboards.

Many new homes have built-in bedside tables and wall-hung lamps for reading. These are a space-efficient alternative to bulky bedside tables and table lamps.

Adding a study nook

Finding an unused space and converting it into a study nook is a great use of space if you want somewhere to pay a few bills or quickly look something up online. All you need is some workspace, some storage or open shelves, a light source and a power socket.

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One of the features buyers always appreciate when house hunting in Thornleigh and the Northern Districts is a great use of space. Any upgrades you make here will make your home stand out when it comes time to sell. For this reason, it may be worth making a few changes before you put your home on the market. I am always happy to talk to people about how to get the best possible sales price for their home. Please feel free to give me a call if you are thinking of selling your home and want some tips.


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