Ten ways to achieve a fast home sale

After a period of almost unprecedented growth, the Sydney market is now going through a (relatively) slow patch. Despite what you may hear people saying, it’s not necessarily a bad time to sell if doing so fits in with your wider goals. This is particularly true if you are planning to buy or downsize in the same market.

Thornleigh and other suburbs in the Northern Districts will always be popular thanks to the big family homes, beautiful surroundings and great schools. But you still want your property to stand out. Here are some tips to ensure your home sale proceeds in a timely fashion in the current market.

1. Get a building and pest inspection

Doing this before putting your home on the market is a smart move, as it means you can deal with any problems prior to paying for marketing. Some companies will offer payment plans with a minimal upfront cost and the rest passed on to the buyer.

2. Complete any makeovers and cleaning

When your home hits the market, you want it to look amazing. Have any work completed well in advance of home inspections. Make note of anything you need to do – this may include pressure hosing your pavers, cleaning your roof and windows, as well as paint touch-ups and any repairs.

3. Get your home professionally styled

As the majority of people search for real estate  online before visiting, good styling or ‘home staging’ for your photographs can make a huge difference to a campaign. A professional stylist will make your home look like something out of a magazine. This helps create an emotional connection with buyers, and will also strip out any personal touches. This means that when buyers walk in they can imagine themselves living there.

4. Come up a with a great marketing plan

As I always tell my clients, you can’t sell a secret. Marketing your property widely and coming up with the right sales pitch will ensure you capture the emotions of buyers and also cast the net wide to get more people through the door.

5. Define all property boundaries

Boundaries are one of those things that can hold up a sale that is otherwise going well, so it’s worth clearing up any problems here before you list your home on the market.

6. Don’t talk price to friends, family, neighbours or other real estate agents

If you have done your research on similar homes in your area and potential buyers have given their feedback to your agent, you should have a good idea of what you hope to achieve for your home. More importantly, you will have a sense of what buyers are prepared to pay. Be careful of getting too many opinions once your sales campaign is underway. You don’t want to turn down a good offer only to find that you don’t get another one.

Ultimately, accepting an offer is a personal decision. You don’t want all the time and effort of a sales campaign railroaded by well-meaning family and friends who may not understand the current market, or rival agents who promise you more but can’t deliver.

7. Pick an agent who knows the area well

You want your agent to talk enthusiastically to buyers about the area, and be up to speed on features such as school catchments, commuting distances, new developments and what is unique or great about living there.

8. Be realistic about price

Visit other open homes and do your homework so you know what buyers are expecting and paying for. Always know your competition!

9. Ensure your pool is compliant

Have a pool compliance check and obtain a certificate.

10. Obtain a Capital Gains Withholding Tax Clearance Certificate

If your home is over $750,000 and you are an Australian resident, you’ll need to obtain a Capital Gains Withholding Tax Clearance Certificate from the ATO. If you do not have this certificate and your home sells for more than $750,00, a buyer must withhold 12.5% of the purchase price and pay this amount to the ATO, as would happen with a foreign resident. Applying is very easy online and you should receive it quickly by email, so be sure to do this early.

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Karen Page
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