6 easy ways to get the kids outside this winter

The crisp winter air might have you reaching for a blanket and a mug of hot chocolate, but don't let it confine your kids indoors. Here are some ideas to transform your backyard into a winter wonderland of imaginative play and outdoor learning that’ll have your kids begging for fresh air.

1. Make a winter veggie garden

Embrace the season by planting a winter veggie garden with your kids. Winter is the perfect time for cool-season vegetables like broccoli, spinach, kale, carrots, and peas. Opt for organic seeds to ensure you're growing healthy, chemical-free produce. 

Raised garden beds (the world’s number one raised beds) are an excellent option for younger children as they provide easy access and minimise bending. The joy of nurturing seedlings and harvesting homegrown veggies is a fantastic way to connect kids with nature and encourage healthy eating habits and skills that will hopefully stick as they get older. 

2. Unleash the inner explorer

Turn your backyard into an outdoor playground for endless exploration for smaller children. 

Outside the backyard, unleash their inner explorer through a nature scavenger hunt using this cute printable card.

3. Fire up the family fun

Make winter evenings fun by installing a pizza oven for family pizza nights under the stars. The anticipation of creating and then devouring a delicious homemade pizza will make them forget about the cold weather.

If you have bigger kids, go one step further with an outdoor firepit surrounded by a comfy lounge or chairs. We have no doubt teenagers will love it so much that they’ll be begging to invite their friends over! You can even find an affordable option at your local Woolies.

4. Engage in active play

Don't let the cooler weather dampen your kids' love of sports. Invest in some outdoor sports equipment like a basketball hoop or a badminton/volleyball net to encourage active play. 

Alternatively, design your own backyard monkey bar set. Vuly is also home to Australia’s best outdoor play equipment, including trampolines and even swing sets with built-in cubbies!

5. Make a splash

Bath time doesn't have to be confined to the bathroom walls. During warmer winter days, an outdoor bathtub or shower can be a fun and refreshing way to clean up after a day of backyard play. For a truly luxurious experience, consider a solar-heated outdoor shower, which uses the winter sun for a warm and eco-friendly bathing experience.

Additionally, consider solar heating your pool to extend the swimming season without breaking the bank. In most cases, it can be retrofitted (here’s a DIY option). 

6. Create a winter retreat

If you already have a cubby house, bring it back to life this winter with a few home comforts. All you need is some blankets, pillows, and a couple of hot water bottles to create a cosy outdoor oasis. Add Milo in a thermos and fun non-screen-based entertainment like board games, colouring books, or reading books. 

Winter is the perfect time to start building if you don't have a cubby. Check out these cute DIY cubby kits.

Remember, the key is creating a space that both appeals to and engages your kids. Let them have a say in the design, incorporate their favourite colours and themes, and, most importantly, embrace the mess that comes with outdoor play. 

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