Thornleigh: Getting to know the neighbourhood

When it comes to helping someone sell their property, I’m not just selling a house ‒ I’m selling an area and a lifestyle. And luckily for me, I always get to show people around my neighbourhood. It’s a place I love and am passionate about, a place in which I’ve lived for 17 years.

I’d like to share with you some thoughts of my time spent in the Thornleigh area, and what makes our suburb and area special.

History of the Thornleigh area

Thornleigh was settled in the 1830s when Constable John Thorn (along with Constable Horne) captured the leader of the North Rocks gang. Both were granted land as a reward in 1838, and Thorn’s land became Thornleigh.

It was then established as an area for orcharding; once the local railway station was opened in 1886, much of the local produce could be exported.

By the 1900s Thornleigh was home to the national brickworks, and the largest malt works in the southern hemisphere.

Today the commercial sector has largely moved on and Thornleigh is a vibrant, lively suburb, with around 9,000 residents who now call our suburb home, sweet home.

Thornleigh for families

My girls enjoyed growing up here because of the wonderful friendships they made. Everyone at their school lived locally so there was plenty of interaction after school and on the weekends. The schools themselves also created plenty of extra ‘mingling opportunities, with many combined activities.

When the girls were younger, it was great to be able to take them out to one of the many playgrounds in the area, especially to the ones with cafés for the parents!

We had a ski boat and, with the Hawkesbury River only half an hour’s drive away, they all learned to waterski. With all the other recreational sports on offer – basketball, netball, golf, putt putt golf, skateboard parks, soccer, cricket and some terrific community-oriented centres with swimming lessons and the gym – we’re spoilt for choice in Thornleigh.

The bonus is that they’re all easy to get to, so there’s no need to be trekking across town for each new activity.

Thornleigh retail and eateries

I always have my Sunday brunch in one of the local eateries; it’s one of my favourite things to do here. And there is a huge selection to choose from as well throughout nearby Hornsby, Normanhurst, Westleigh and Pennant Hills.

“We have a great selection of local eateries in Thornleigh, Hornsby, Normanhurst, Westleigh and Pennant Hills.”

Nearby Castle Hill Mall has a planned $900-million expansion so it will certainly be a place to go and ‘shop till you drop’.

Again, the benefit of living in Thornleigh is the close proximity of everything to home. You don’t have to venture into the city or spend your weekend driving all over town trying to find what you need. Anything you could possibly want is within easy reach.

A real sense of community

A lot of neighbourhoods may say it, but it really is the truth here in Thornleigh. Everyone looks after each other, and I never had to worry about the girls’ safety here ‒ a bonus for a mum of four.

Thornleigh trails, flora and fauna

There are plenty of bushwalks around the neighbourhood but one in particular is of historical significance ‒ the Benowie walking track, which is a section of the Great North Walk.

The entire Great North Walk is a 250-kilometre track that runs from central Sydney to downtown Newcastle, leading walkers through an array of both urban and natural environments.

Due to the proximity of the bush, the wildlife here is fantastic. I’ll never forget the day we first moved into our house. We were welcomed by about 80 rainbow lorikeets in the trees. We also see black wallabies, parrots, finches, kookaburras; there was even a resident peacock in the area for a while. He used to land on the roofs of people’s houses and give everyone inside a good startle.

Why I still love Thornleigh

I think I love Thornleigh so much because it has been a great place to raise my four daughters. There’s a lovely community feel and it’s very family oriented ‒ perfect for the lifestyle I wanted.

As well, it’s so central to everything, something I don’t think people realise until they actually live in the area.

From Thornleigh, it’s easy to get out to the coast, into the city ‒ a straightforward commute to almost anywhere. But mostly there’s no need to leave. Everything you need is here, with a range of shopping centres, and Macquarie Park is only half an hour away.

Because of my time in Thornleigh, and the depth in which I know the area, I can help those looking to buy here truly understand what their lifestyle will be like.

“With my intimate area knowledge, I help buyers understand the wonderful lifestyle on offer.”

So when it comes to selling your home, I also sell a vision of a wonderful life immersed in a supportive, caring community ‒ just as I’ve experienced with my own family.


Karen Page
Friendly, caring and attentive, Karen Page is a customer focused professional with a genuine passion for helping people transition through the different stages of their life.