Downsizing to an apartment in the Northern Districts

Apartment living often means stepping down from the space of a large home and learning to live within a much smaller footprint, where every square metre has to be planned carefully. The benefits of downsizing include the opportunity to let go of things you no longer need or use and having more time to enjoy life. Planning is key – and here are some design ideas to help you settle into your new home.

Go big where it matters

The main pieces of furniture most people use are their dining table, couch and bed. All three should be as generous as the space can accommodate. What you want is a big soft space you can lounge about in. A headboard will make your bed look extra-inviting without taking up any space.

The dining table is also worth choosing carefully, as it can double as work area. If you are short of space, try putting the dining table right behind the sofa and buying a bench seat for one side that can be pushed underneath it when not in use.

Choosing furniture with built-in casters will allow you to move it about as necessary, which increases the versatility of your space. A dining table, for example, can be moved to the centre of the room when you have people over for a meal.

You might not have as much space for clothes in your new home, so think carefully about what you want to bring with you and donate the rest. Many people say one of the best things about downsizing is having a clear-out and only keeping what they need and use.

Think about the right furniture for your space

Rather than trying to fit all your old furniture into your new home, consider some new items that will work better in your new home. Wing-backed chairs are comfortable but don’t take up too much space, and modular storage systems are great as you can adapt them to your room measurements. Another tip is to look for round dining and side tables, as they don’t have sharp edges to bump into.

Bespoke, built-in storage is great for keeping a small space organised and uncluttered, and will also increase your home’s value. Once you’ve decluttered, think about what you want to store and how you live and plan some joinery accordingly. A drop zone by the front door with some built-in hooks is convenient for keys, bags and mail, while a built-in desk with shelving will make working from home or doing admin much easier. A skilled cabinet-maker will be able to give you some great tips for maximising your space.

Furniture with built-in storage is also useful when downsizing. Look for beds with drawers underneath, or use a blanket chest as a side table.

Lighting is another area where some planning will really increase your home’s liveability. Having a variety of light sources means you can adapt your room to different activities, so include dimmer switches and good task lighting where you need it, such as the bedside, over your table and kitchen workspaces, and your desk. Here again, using your walls for built-in lights will save space.

Personalisation is key

The key to creating a beautiful home when you downsize is ensuring that everything you have on display makes you feel comfortable and at home. White walls work best in small spaces as they make the room look larger, but feel free to add your own style – small doesn’t have to mean soulless.

For many, downsizing is a surprisingly enjoyable opportunity to go through your belongings and let go of what you no longer need, while rediscovering things you really love. Add some indoor plants – hanging ones will keep your floors clear – and some favourite photographs and accessories, and enjoy the cost savings and convenience of living in your smaller, beautifully organised new home.

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