Video: Three ways to sell your home

There are three main ways we use to sell properties in Sydney’s northern districts.


Let’s take a quick look at the different options available to you.


Most people know homes can be sold at auction. What you may not know is that an auction is backed by an auction campaign that includes professional photography, marketing and advertising on platforms like real estate websites and social media. A sale by auction gives buyers a deadline in which to decide whether they are interested in your property.


The best thing about an auction is it gives you three opportunities to sell your home: before the auction, at the auction, or after the auction. If you receive a really good offer ahead of auction day, you can take that offer. If you don’t, you proceed with the auction. If you don’t sell the home on auction day, you can continue negotiations with the highest bidder thereafter.


For private treaty, we still have professional photography and the marketing and advertising campaign. However, the timeline is open-ended. This can be good or bad, depending on the market. You also have more time to consider offers which we negotiate on your behalf. The thing to remember with private treaty sales is that even though the buyer puts down a deposit, they still have a 5-day cooling-off period; hence, they can change their mind, unlike auctions.


Off-market sales are best for those who value their privacy, say, a celebrity who doesn’t want to appear in the media as the seller or buyer. The process for offers and negotiation is similar, but we don’t run a public marketing and advertising campaign. You are instead relying solely on the agent's network of buyers.


To determine the best approach for your home sale, give me a call. 


Karen Page
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