Video: The hidden cost of off-market home sales


In a previous video, I touched on off-market sales, but I thought we could delve a bit deeper into the pros and cons. 


Some agents will suggest you list your home with them off market as a way of testing the waters, so to speak. But beware of agents who push an off-market sale. More than likely, they will tell you they need to run a full campaign within a couple of weeks of you signing their contract. 


Selling off-market is often used by agents as a way to secure you as a client in the first place. With an off-market campaign, you won’t pay marketing costs, but this is, in my view, a false economy. 


Most home buyers start their property search by trawling the real estate websites for homes in their chosen area. But yours won’t be there. The more people we get to view your property online and then in person on open home days, the better. Selling a home is about creating competition. 


You’ve heard of FOMO? Fear of missing out? That’s exactly what competition achieves, and generally, you’ll end up with a better price for your home, especially if interested parties are brought together at an auction, and your property is hotly contested. 


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Karen Page
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