Give your Northern Districts home a winter makeover

Here are some tips for a cosier home:

Layer up colours and textures

  • Interior designers now seem to be using more layering and colours than we have seen for a while. Here’s how to add some to your home:
  • Add some huge cushions. Choose ones that aren’t just good looking but very comfortable. Department stores often have flash sales on bedding, so you won’t need to pay full price if you keep an eye on upcoming sales. Embroidery, velvet and rough linen in bold colours all look lovely. Or find some beautiful vintage fabric and make them yourself.
  • Pile a stack of blankets in contrasting colours to your couch, so everyone can feel cosy at night. Warm colours, such as dark red, mustard or deep pink, will look more inviting than cool summer shades. You may not need to go out and buy everything new either. Just look through your linen cupboard and dig out those cosy blankets you already own.
  • If you’ve been wondering whether you should add a floor rug to your living room, now is a great time to buy one. As well as beautiful old Persian rugs, there are lots of deep, fluffy ones around now in beautiful colours and patterns.

Let there be light

  • Mood lighting and candles are used a lot in cold climates to brighten up interiors and create a bright and intimate atmosphere. It’s an easy effect that makes a big difference.
  • Scented candle or tea lights in glass holders on a sill or dining table are instantly inviting.
  • Look for old lamp bases in second-hand shops or on Gumtree. Add a new shade for a modern yet unique light feature.
  • Strings of fairy lights on the walls look beautiful. Buying ‘warm’ rather than ‘cool’ bulbs will also make the room’s light cosier.

Work on your walls

  • Simple black or timber frames will highlight your pictures and photos. If you want to make a big impact, choose a bold, oversized painting or image for one wall.
  • Hanging fabric on the walls is another warming design trick. Try a textured wall hanging or frame a piece of beautiful vintage fabric. Mid-century textiles often feature bold, graphic prints, and look great on walls. Small tablecloths, for example, can be turned into art.
  • Paint or wallpaper in deep colours such as dark red, deep green or charcoal grey will make a space appear cosier. While you may not want to repaint your whole house, a feature wall in a bold wallpaper or deep colour will give the same effect without the expense.

Fend off the winter blues naturally

  • Several studies have shown that patients recovering from surgery feel significantly better if they can see plants and flowers from their hospital bed. Taking this idea into your home, add some greenery and plants for an instant mood lifter.
  • Gather up some winter leaves or flowers from the garden, buy a bunch of beautiful winter flowers, and head to the plant shop for some indoor plants. A pot of bright winter flowers for your porch will green up your space and lift your spirits.

Talk to me

As a local agent who lives and works in Thornleigh, I am always happy to talk to people thinking of putting their Northern Districts home on the market, or wanting ideas about how to make it more appealing to buyers. It’s amazing how much of a difference you can make with the help of a stylist, and we always offer this as part of our service.


Karen Page
Friendly, caring and attentive, Karen Page is a customer focused professional with a genuine passion for helping people transition through the different stages of their life.