9 ways to make the most of a smaller home

When it’s time to downsize, you have to be a little creative when you furnish your new smaller home so that you get the best out of the space that you have available. Here are a few tricks that interior designers use when furnishing smaller homes.


1. Choose your colours carefully


In smaller rooms, colour has more of an impact. You want to stick to the three-colour-only rule as too many variations will make the room look cluttered and busy.


Also, try to keep the colours on the lighter side because dark colours tend to make a small space feel even smaller.


2. Select multi-purpose furniture


If space is at a premium, consider investing in furniture that can serve a variety of purposes. For example, a roll-top desk can serve as a display for your plants when the top is rolled down. Once you roll it up, you have a workspace with storage nooks for all your stationery bits and pieces, wrapping paper and craft supplies. 


Or, have a look at the folding tables that you can purchase at Beyond Furniture in Silverwater. These take up minimal space but can be extended if you have people over. 


3. Use mirrors to create the illusion of space


A large mirror placed cleverly on the wall opposite a window will reflect the light back into the room and create the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is. The Framing and Mirror Factory in Roseville has some lovely designs you can choose from.


4. Use glass doors on kitchen cabinets or open shelves


Depending on your taste, you could either consider using glass doors on your overhead kitchen cabinets or just leave them as open shelves. This opens up the displays in your kitchen and makes small spaces look larger. They can also double as display space for favourite pieces of art work, photographs or vases. 


You might also want to invest in slimline appliances such as the Bosch Series 6 45 cm freestanding dishwasher available from Winning Appliances in Brookvale.

5. Use pull-out pantry units instead of pantry cupboards


Pull-out pantry units are ideal if you’re short on space. Have a look at the Krome range from Nover. These units range from 300mm wide upwards so they’re perfect for adding extra space to smaller kitchens.

6. Choose seating that doubles as storage 


If you have a large window in the living room, why not create a window seat by using a large storage chest and topping it with a custom-made seat cushion?


For more inspiration, head to Swedish furniture icon Ikea for the latest in clever and innovative storage solutions for any space. Europeans are far more likely to live in apartments than huge homes, so it’s here that you’ll find affordable solutions for the smallest of spaces, and their beautiful designs make them easy on the eye and the wallet. 


7. Use furniture with curves in small living rooms


Curved lounges and rounded coffee tables create a more fluid flow in small living rooms. They make the space look cosy rather than cramped.


8. Use your wall spaces more efficiently


When you have limited floor space, you need to use your vertical spaces more efficiently. Slimline shelving units can be added to a multitude of walls in your home. They can add valuable storage space in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, laundry and even in the toilet.


9. Consider a daybed in the living room rather than a bulky lounge suite


An attractive daybed in the living room can act as a couch for everyday living and a spare bed if you have guests over to stay. Check out the beautiful range of custom day beds available at Simplife in Alexandria. Wattle Living has some smart sofas that are delivered in a box and easy to assemble – choose the size that works for you. 

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