Video: Costs when selling your Northern Districts home

If you’re thinking about selling but want to know the costs involved, this is the video for you! 

There are three obvious costs: a conveyancing solicitor, the marketing campaign (as you can’t sell a secret, and professional photography is vital) and the real estate agent’s commission (a percentage of the sales price). 

As agents, we earn commission by coordinating everything to do with the sale, from advice on repairs, project managing those repairs, organising your marketing, home stylist and negotiating with buyers so you achieve the best price. 

Before you put your home on the market, you’ll likely need to make some improvements. For this, you might need to engage a decluttering service, cleaners, a gardener and a handyperson. When you’re decluttering furniture and personal items, you may need to put them in a storage facility for a few weeks. 

Home staging is also a wise investment. A professional stylist can cost anywhere from two to five thousand or more, depending on the size of your home, but it’s less if you do most of it yourself. 

Depending on your home loan, you might need to pay an exit fee. If you are selling an investment property, you may need to factor in capital gains tax. 

Once your home is sold, remember you’ll have removal costs and possibly a bond on a new place if you’re renting between homes. 

If you want specific information on selling costs for your individual property, please give me a call.


Karen Page
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